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Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing is utilized for many purposes. You can promote your company, attract new customers, and connect with your audiences. As part of a digital marketing strategy, it is an excellent complement to SEO and Online Advertising campaigns meant to raise awareness about your company and drive traffic to your site. Setting up a Facebook account is not difficult, but managing your company’s presence and producing ROI can take some expertise – and effort.


 Using social media accounts is a way to connect with sellers in a way that naturally inserts your company and your message into their internet travels. It is part of an overall inbound marketing strategy which puts your company in places where people are looking for information.


 When you utilize social media effectively, you create a buzz that produces results. Web properties like Facebook offer unique opportunities to present your company and drive your message. But it’s important to know where your audiences are and how to join the conversation

How Courtesy Custom Marketing Can Help

 Using social media for content support and communicating with your customers is important, but for social media to have a viral effect or simply driving customers to your site, you need to consider marketing. Spending marketing dollars to promote your service on Facebook can provide high returns. Creating the right ads and using them on the correct platform is how Courtesy Custom Marketing can truly make Facebook marketing work for you as a Real Estate Investor by generating motivated seller leads. It is almost impossible to have a successful social media campaign without spending on advertising.

Who We Are As A Social Media Marketing Company

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We’re investors who got tired of constantly cold calling people who weren’t interested in selling their home.

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Our job starts with you: we understand what you need, so we can present Facebook marketing for Real Estate Investors that will generate motivated seller leads for you.

Work With Us

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Not sure how this works, or what it costs? We’re always happy to talk about how we can can work together.

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